Back in November, three of our staff members joined up with members from Camp Fire councils nationwide at the Promise to Practice Roadshow held in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The workshop focused on groundbreaking research being conducted by the Search Institute which found that across gender, race, economics and many other areas, there is one key factor that improves a youth’s ability to thrive. That magical ingredient is positive developmental relationships.

A positive developmental relationship is one that expresses care, encourages growth, provides support, expands possibilities and shares power. Think back to your childhood….did you have someone who always made you feel welcome? Who pushed you to go further? Who cheered for you during hard tasks? Who showed you something you’d never seen before? Who treated you as an equal? Maybe this person was an older sibling, a teacher, a coach or a camp counselor.

All of our staff are trained to understand the five factors that create a positive developmental relationship and to incorporate them in to every program we offer our youth.

Because At Camp Fire, we Practice what we Promise.

To read more about how we incorporate Search Institute research in to our Thrive{ology} framework, check out Camp Fire National’s blog: