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Absolutely Incredible Kid® Day Sets Record Attendance

A boy looks in wonder at his Ozobot as it performs a command

There’s perhaps nothing more inspiring than seeing kids experience sheer joy, and that’s exactly what played out at Absolutely Incredible Kid® Day (AIK Day) on March 20, when a record number of youth—including those from two Camp Fire Afterschool programs—joined… Read More >

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Staff Spotlight: Zafiro Larsen

Zafiro Larsen Sunset Picture

Meet Zafiro Larsen (pictured left) and you can’t help but be impressed by this high-energy, deeply caring human being, who, at Camp Fire Central Oregon, also goes by the name of “Sonora.” That word in Latin means “to make sound,… Read More >

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STEM Fun Works Magic for Camp Fire Afterschool

A boy looks in wonder at his Ozobot as it performs a command

At Camp Fire Afterschool, embarking on STEM adventures isn’t just about decoding science and math mysteries—it’s an adventure into a realm of real-world wizardry! During a recent STEM-focused afternoon, our crew of afterschool kids at Bend International School dove headfirst… Read More >

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The Wonders of a Local Watershed: Teen Connects Youth Plant for Our Future at Creekside Park, Sisters

Teen Connects youth puts muscle into breaking up the riverbank for planting.

What is a watershed? Where might the location of Whychus Creek’s headwaters be? And at the Creekside Park in Sisters, why are there human-made steps going down to Whychus Creek, as well as fencing aligned with its banks, at Creekside… Read More >

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A Day on the Farm: Tales From Teen Connects in Sisters

In a heartwarming display of community spirit and compassion, a group of teenagers from Camp Fire Central Oregon’s Teen Connect program recently embarked on a fulfilling volunteering experience at Harmony Farm Sanctuary. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and… Read More >

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Staff Spotlight: Nadia Kelem

Nadia Kelem is Camp Fire's Outreach Coordinator and Program Specialist.

This fabulous Community Engagement Coordinator is now heading up our Summertime Teen Offerings … and we’re thrilled to share more about this amazing friend and leader! Camp Fire Central Oregon is super jazzed to announce a role change for one of… Read More >

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Camp Fire’s Approach to Trauma: What It Means to Be Trauma-informed

You’ve heard us say it many times: Growing up is hard. That’s the why behind everything we do. But when we say hard…just how hard are we talking? Right now, really hard. Like, clinically hard. We’re in a youth mental… Read More >

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Gather ‘Round the Camp Fire: It’s Story Time

We really, really need your story. Here’s why. Happy Alumni Month! Gather ‘round the crackling fire with us…watch the flames dance as the smell of smoke and crisp night air billows up into a starry sky. Snuggle up in a… Read More >

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But What Does Belonging Feel Like?

Creating belonging is a moral good, sure, but sometimes we need to take a second to remember just how good belonging feels. When have you experienced the power of belonging? We talk a lot about belonging at Camp Fire. It’s… Read More >

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