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Staff Spotlight: Zafiro Larsen

Zafiro Larsen Sunset Picture

Meet Zafiro Larsen (pictured left) and you can’t help but be impressed by this high-energy, deeply caring human being, who, at Camp Fire Central Oregon, also goes by the name of “Sonora.” That word in Latin means “to make sound,… Read More >

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The Wonders of a Local Watershed: Teen Connects Youth Plant for Our Future at Creekside Park, Sisters

Teen Connects youth puts muscle into breaking up the riverbank for planting.

What is a watershed? Where might the location of Whychus Creek’s headwaters be? And at the Creekside Park in Sisters, why are there human-made steps going down to Whychus Creek, as well as fencing aligned with its banks, at Creekside… Read More >

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A Day on the Farm: Tales From Teen Connects in Sisters

In a heartwarming display of community spirit and compassion, a group of teenagers from Camp Fire Central Oregon’s Teen Connect program recently embarked on a fulfilling volunteering experience at Harmony Farm Sanctuary. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and… Read More >

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Staff Spotlight: Nadia Kelem

Nadia Kelem is Camp Fire's Outreach Coordinator and Program Specialist.

This fabulous Community Engagement Coordinator is now heading up our Summertime Teen Offerings … and we’re thrilled to share more about this amazing friend and leader! Camp Fire Central Oregon is super jazzed to announce a role change for one of… Read More >

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Supporting Young People Through the Holidays

The holidays: when both cheer and stress levels reach epic highs. Many young people are already struggling with mental health issues, and the season creates extra challenges. Gatherings can highlight family tensions, sleep and routines get disrupted, and normal sources… Read More >

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Equity in Action

What do you think of when you think about equity? Fairness? Equality? Acting justly? When we talk about equity at Camp Fire, we’re not talking about an unreachable ideal. We’re not talking about a simplistic, everybody-gets-the-same-size-slice-of-pizza approach. We’re talking about… Read More >

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How Can Nature Help us Reframe ‘Work’?

“What happens when you shift from thinking of your team functioning like a well-oiled machine to a well-nurtured meadow?” This is just one of the many re-framing questions from José González, an environmentalist, Chicano and educator, and founder of Latino… Read More >

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Media Release: $75,000 PacificSource Community Solutions Grant Awarded to Camp Fire Central Oregon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 28, 2023 PACIFICSOURCE COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS GRANT AWARDED TO CAMP FIRE CENTRAL OREGON Funding Helps Remove Financial Barriers, Sending 100 More Kids to Camp, Summer 2023 Bend, Ore. –  For many families throughout Central Oregon, the cost… Read More >

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Media Release: Camp Fire Central Oregon’s Environmental Program Expands to Madras/Warm Springs Area Youth

Kids in Madras make seed pods with Camp Fire Central Oregon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 14, 2023 CAMP FIRE CENTRAL OREGON EXPANDS ENVIRONMENTAL SUMMER PROGRAM TO MADRAS AND WARM SPRINGS AREA YOUTH Bend, Ore. –  A new environmental program for youth, launched in early 2023, is spreading its wings to Madras… Read More >

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