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Little Kids, Big Impact

The research is undeniable: Early childhood education lays the foundation for lifelong learning, health and well-being. Studies show that sustained, high-quality early childhood education narrows achievement gaps(1), improves health outcomes, increases high school graduation rates and is linked to better… Read More >

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From Allies to Accomplices

Get uncomfortable! What does the word accomplice mean to you? Someone aiding and abetting questionable activity? A dangerous co-conspirator? An accessory to a crime? Today, we’re exploring a different definition of accomplice. As we strive to become a more equitable… Read More >

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Reconnection over Resolution

This January, we’re trying something new: We’re focusing on reconnection instead of resolutions. Case in point, our December National Leadership Conference (NLC) theme was Camp Fire (re)Connects. Camp Fire’s mission is to connect young people to the outdoors, to others… Read More >

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Supporting Young People Through the Holidays

The holidays: when both cheer and stress levels reach epic highs. Many young people are already struggling with mental health issues, and the season creates extra challenges. Gatherings can highlight family tensions, sleep and routines get disrupted, and normal sources… Read More >

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Equity in Action

What do you think of when you think about equity? Fairness? Equality? Acting justly? When we talk about equity at Camp Fire, we’re not talking about an unreachable ideal. We’re not talking about a simplistic, everybody-gets-the-same-size-slice-of-pizza approach. We’re talking about… Read More >

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How Can Nature Help us Reframe ‘Work’?

“What happens when you shift from thinking of your team functioning like a well-oiled machine to a well-nurtured meadow?” This is just one of the many re-framing questions from José González, an environmentalist, Chicano and educator, and founder of Latino… Read More >

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Building on Our STEM Foundations

Have you ever had the experience of being fully in the moment … and only later realizing how well that presence set you up for the future? Maybe you got so in the flow of doing something you love that… Read More >

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Protecting Kids Is Our First Priority

Safety is at the very heart of what Camp Fire is all about. In fact, you could say it’s the very first thing we do. If kids aren’t safe, nothing else matters. We have to first support child wellbeing and… Read More >

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You Have to Center Joy: Understanding Thriving With Dr. Kia Darling-Hammond

We’ve been very lucky to partner with Dr. Kia Darling-Hammond, a leader in thriving research, as we re-envisioned Camp Fire’s definition of thriving. Dr. Darling-Hammond puts “overlooked and underserved” young people at the center of her work, an approach that… Read More >

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