Camp Fire Afterschool is gearing up for a wonderful winter program, with availability at both Bend International School (BIS) and Amity Creek locations on some days, some weeks. Check it out!

Meanwhile, we've just put the finishing touches on a fabulous fall program. Some fun highlights:

• making kindness friendship bracelets

• Walking field trip to sawyer park to learn about trees

• Creating wayfaring signs in Spanish for the Environmental Center

• Making our own lemonade and lemonade stand, learning sales, marketing and economics

• Tye dyed t-shirts

• STEM projects, such as popsicle stick bridges, LEGO zip lines, edible soil, erupting volcanoes

• celebrating our efforts to fill up "reward charts" with a picnic, a movie, and holiday craft fun!

Scroll down for more pictures and, for upcoming CFA session registration, Sign up here!