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Camp Fire Afterschool

Camp Fire Afterschool is a flexible and fun option for families looking to balance afterschool care with opportunities for growth, enrichment programs, and intentional emphasis on developing social-emotional skills.  

Our afterschool program will run 5 days a week throughout the school year. Each day will have a Sparks enrichment option and a Rec open-play option. In each, we support youth in exploring their sparks, practicing social skills, creating connections, building community, and gaining confidence.


Registration for session 3 (January 6th - February 21st) is now open! 


Session 3 will have the following schedule:


 K-2nd graders3rd-5th gradersAll ages K-5th
MondaysNature Friends
Fashion Design
Galaxy Explorers
WednesdaysTime Traveling Historians
Wondrous Wordsmiths
ThursdaysAnimal Kingdom
FridaysDancing Through the Decades
(Sophie & Noah)
Culinary Friends


Program Details:




Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - 2:30-4:30 pm, Wednesday - 1:00-4:30 pm

Extended care options are available to allow for flexible pick up time between 4:30-5:30 pm.


Monday through Friday - Flexible pick up anytime before 5:30 pm


WHERE: Amity Creek Elementary School. The afterschool program is open to students from any school, but please note that we are unable to provide transportation.




Over the course of the year, we will offer a variety of options to allow youth to discover new things and perhaps find a new spark! 

General descriptions of our session 2 themes are:

Spanish - Youth will learn Spanish through play: songs, games, and fun projects. Learning Spanish will be exciting and fun in this very active format.

Nature Friends - Join us on our expedition to study the amazing ecosystems that make up our Earth. Students will learn about different environments’ plant and animal life through the lens of Ecology, Zoology and Botany. Activities will include crafts and interactive experiences in nature.

Fashion Design - Youth will design their very own “clothing line” with paper materials and present in a fashion show at the end of the session. Students will learn about fashion statements throughout history while getting creative themselves.

Galaxy Explorers - 1,2,3 blast off!!! We will explore the amazing world of Astronomy, the study of our universe. Kids will learn about stars, planets, galaxies and the ever expanding human exploration of space.  

Time Traveling Historians - Imagine exploring the artistic culture of the Greeks, then ZOOM!, you are in the turning point of history in Medieval Europe. Young travelers will get to explore and learn about different cultures throughout time, starting with the first civilization of Mesopotamia up to the ending of Medieval times.

Wondrous Wordsmiths - In this creative writing course, students will have the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild as they dive into the world of storytelling! We will explore different genres of children’s literature, reading poems, stories, comics, and even screenplays, while learning about essential elements of creative writing. During these seven weeks, each student will work on an individual story, and we will also work on skits, picture books, and different fun writing games and exercises as a group.

Animal Kingdom - From deserts to mountains to forests and jungles, this wild Animal Kingdom Sparks course will be our own version of “national geographic.” We will examine these key areas of focus: animal behavior, environmental studies, and cultural diversity.

Dancing Through the Decades - Join us as we move our way through history! Each week, youth will explore a certain time period, learn about iconic dancers of that time, and then get up and dance as they did. Each day will end with a dance party!

Culinary Friends - Let's cook! Youth will learn to make dishes like mini quiches, ravioli, stone soup and bread, and tarts. They will also do fun crafts and games to bring our their inner chef.



Our Rec program is a flexible, open-ended opportunity afterschool for youth to play games, get creative, and have fun. 



Prices will vary based on programs, options, and the length of the session.  

  • Sparks programs will cost $15 per weekly meeting ($25 on Wednesdays)  
  • Rec programs will cost $10 per weekly meeting ($15 on Wednesdays)  
  • Extended care is $4 per weekly meeting

*Please note, the cost of the program is not charged by the meeting, but rather by the session. Session lengths vary by the day and time of year from 5-7 meetings based on the planned 2019-2020 school calendar. These variations will be reflected in the price for each session. Unexpected school cancelations that shorten a session will not change the price of the session.


Financial Assistance is available. Please do not wait to register if you need financial assistance. You will be able to complete your registration while your request is being processed. If you do not receive assistance, or the amount you do receive does not meet your needs, you will have the opportunity to cancel your reservation at no cost to you.

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within