Campers at Amity Creek Magnet School pose with ipads used for their robotics project working with fansAt Camp Fire Afterschool, embarking on STEM adventures isn't just about decoding science and math mysteries—it's an adventure into a realm of real-world wizardry! During a recent STEM-focused afternoon, our crew of afterschool kids at Bend International School dove headfirst into hands-on activities with Ozobots, little tiny robots that are designed to serve as an introduction to coding. The kids choose color combinations to make the Ozobots move on a path from one location to another, plus perform exciting commands concocted by the kids, like “dance,” “sing” and “spin.”

Meanwhile, at Amity Creek Magnet at Thompson Elementary, another group of kids spent the same afternoon engaged with LEGO® robotics kits, using iPads to code according to the project they were given. This particular afternoon, the project was building s

mall fans, which even though it happened to be a cold, snowy day, could be ideal for our upcoming hot summer one! As part of our camp curriculum, Camp Fire Central Oregon regularly brings in STEM-focused enrichment—but why? According to the National Math + Science Initiative, STEM is valuable to today’s youth because it “is crucial in bringing unparalleled opportunities for students of all backgrounds. When students have a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering and math

A boy looks in wonder at his Ozobot as it performs a command

ematics, it equips them to succeed in a rapidly changing world driven by technology and innovation. STEM education also helps students develop essential skills that they can apply beyond the classroom.”

At CFA, we’re all about developing skills and thrills! And that’s why we make a point to bring various types of enrichment into our program, ensuring that along with loads of creativity and fun, education plays a role in helping kids find their unique sparks. No doubt, STEM education is doing more than creating little wizards in our midst, but working magic by helping those amazing kids thrive.

To learn more or sign up for Camp Fire Central Oregon's afterschool program at either Amity Creek Magnet at Thompson Elementary or Bend International School, visit our website!

Information about current and upcoming STEM programs can be found here

Three youth scrutinize coding to make their robotics fan spinTwo afterschool youth input coding to make their robotics fan spinTwo afterschool kids make their Ozobot perform tricks and tasks.A boy at Camp Fire Afterschool holds his robotics fan in his hand.Two afterschool kids pose with their Ozobots and project worksheets