Logan Betts with mountain backgroundLogan Betts, STEM Program Coordinator: Engineering Powerful Connection for Camp Fire Kids

It's hard to believe that Logan Betts (she/her/hers) has only been with Camp Fire Central Oregon for a little over a year. After joining our SummerKids team and then shifting into her current role as STEM Program Coordinator, she’s quickly become so invested in our youth, programs and culture that she feels like a lifer! A natural fit, Logan—who moved out West from Tennessee and has a background as a third-grade school teacher—says she was drawn to Camp Fire because of our mission or prioritizing “connection” among people, the self and the environment.

Here, Logan shares more about herself and her work with us:

Logan Betts at the whiteboard during a robotics camp.Q: What is your role as STEM Program Coordinator?

A: As STEM Program Coordinator, I wear a lot of different hats. I'm responsible for planning and creating all of Camp Fire's STEM programs such as robotics, Aspiring Engineers camps, Ecology Engineers camps, as well as STEM integration into our afterschool programs. In the year that I've been in this role, I've seen it grow in such a positive way. STEM is such an important part of our day-to-day lives, and I've had the honor of bringing it to life in our programming. We've seen a shift away from just robotics to incorporating programming into Central Oregon's local STEM opportunities, like learning about fire ecology and exploring state forests, plus exploring local geology through state parks like Smith Rock—and we’ve got lots of other new ideas on the horizon!

Logan Betts paddle boarding in Oregon.Q: What are your sparks?

A: My sparks stretch far and wide and include a wide variety of hobbies! I love to read and have always loved diving into new worlds and characters. I also love being outside and near water, hiking, paddle-boarding, riding my bike, and adventuring where I live. I also really enjoy baking and have gotten back into sourdough bread lately!


Q: What are your future goals—professional and personal?

A: Part of being a lifelong learner means that I always have new goals. A personal goal I have is to take a ceramics class and learn how to creatively express myself through clay. I've always wanted to learn and am excited to learn more about it. As far as professional goals go, I want to continue to learn more about ways to increase accessibility to STEM programing for the youth in my area through different professional developments and learning from other STEM professionals in my area.

Q: What's your favorite part of working with youth?

A: I love to see their creativity really come out and shine. I love watching them make connections and learn new things. It's always rewarding to watch them connect with others over mutual interests and get excited for other youth as they accomplish new challenges!

Q: Why does your job—and Camp Fire Central Oregon—matter?

A: My job here matters because we are creating opportunities for the youth in our community to thrive. The opportunities that Camp Fire and our STEM programs bring to Central Oregon are important in creating a safe and welcoming environment for our youth to learn, grow, connect and have fun.