The very last part of our Camp Fire promise is that it happens now. We want young people to shape the world now. We want them to find their spark today. We want them to lift their voice in leadership roles


this year, not wait until they are “old enough.” We want them to discover who they are right this minute, not put asking those big questions until they have to make decisions about careers or college.

This present-day focus is something to consider during the giving season. Sure, kids may not have a lot of disposable income lying around to donate, but they do have time, energy and an uncanny ability to imitate what the adults in their lives do.

As adults, we can help kids start giving habits today that will last for a lifetime.

In fact, recent research says that kids who “experienced strong giving traditions during their childhood” grow up to donate and volunteer themselves—and say they are “very happy” at higher levels than those who didn’t.


Need ideas on helping kids be generous now?

The Internet is on it! Here’s some expert advice from around the web:


Ready to do a little giving yourself?

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