Camp Fire is proud of its legacy and we’re proud of those who have walked before us. Throughout July, Camp Fire National celebrated our alumni on social media and called for them to share some of their memories.

Each one of the memories alumni shared deserves the honor it was given. From making foil dinners over a fire to earning highly revered Wohelo Awards, our deep-rooted story created the context for the new stories we’re writing today.

Camp Fire has grown and stretched and re-imagined ways to serve our mission in bold new ways. Because our alumni had the courage to transform and to imagine a new vision for youth, we’re now living into Our Promise – one that encourages us to live individually-defined lives to their fullest.

Camp Fire has never been convention–bound. Exploring new ways of living full lives has always been a high value.  Alumni have served the organization as standard-bearers. Alumni have offered their willingness to push aside limiting beliefs while accepting with enthusiasm new definitions of how to live with integrity. It took courage to change. It takes courage to stand behind the changes made.

Love for Camp Fire runs deep. Over the past month, dozens of alumni shared their experiences in Camp Fire. Here is what a few of them had to say:

“In Camp Fire, I learned leadership, creativity, and a love of the mountains.” – Tracey

“Camp Fire is where I learned how to swim, row a boat, and identify a tree by its leaves.” – Dianne

“I learned how to care about the Earth and its inhabitants during my time in Camp Fire.” – Jeannie

“Camp Fire taught me to look for beauty in all, and to never stop learning.” – Rena

Stories continue to be told about camp, songs, traditions, and purpose. Smiles spill over faces remembering canoes, councils, community-serving, and companionship. When alumni gather, hands are held and tears are spilled. Because Camp Fire has always been one of those rare organizations that bind participants together in camaraderie that is only possible through honest, willing discussion of complex, often challenging circumstances.

Today, over 100 years since Camp Fire first took to the woods to canoe and camp, youth across the country continue to have powerful, life-changing experiences. No matter the program, Camp Fire participants experience self-discovery and develop meaningful connections with others and nature.

To our amazing alumni: we applaud you. We are thankful for how you have gone before and shaped Camp Fire, while nurturing our rich legacy and helping us evolve to best serve new generations today.


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