Camp Fire Central Oregon is seeking professional photographers to help with its upcoming Fall Photo Day Fundraiser. The event, slated to take place on Saturday, October 22, is a chance for individuals and families to come have their portrait taken at Pioneer Park in exchange for a donation to Camp Fire.

Camp Fire is a nonprofit organization that  provides Central Oregon youth with equal access to quality out-of-school-time programs. Founded in 1916, its camps, clubs and after school opportunities give kids and teens the chance to shape their world through self discovery, community connection, and engagement with nature. Camp Fire also provides scholarships to youth who may otherwise not have the financial resources to attend.

“What’s great about this fundraiser is that all proceeds  will go toward keeping our programs affordable for and accessible to youth in our community,” says Beth Getsinger, Camp Fire’s Special Projects Manager. “We will manage all the details of the event promotion, scheduling, donations and photo delivery, so the only thing our professional volunteer photographers need to do is show up for their scheduled shift, snap the photos, and have fun!”

The Fall Photo Fundraiser is timed to coincide with the fall foliage forecast, when autumn leaves are predicted to be turning and at their peak. Some additional details:

  • Participating photographers will be asked to volunteer for a three-hour shift of their choice: 11am-2pm or 2pm-5pm. We ask that they arrive 30 minutes before their shift start time to get set up.
  • Clients/donors will be scheduled in 30 minute time slots, so photographers can expect to have six portrait sessions during their shift.
  • Camp Fire will coordinate all client/donor scheduling and communications, both leading up to and day-of the fundraiser. We will have volunteer runners on site, one per photographer, ensuring photo sessions run seamlessly.
  • Client/donors may be individuals seeking a professional headshot or families seeking a family portrait. They will be promised a final product of 3-5 digital, edited/finalized images delivered within 2 weeks of the event (by November 5th).
  • Camp Fire will also coordinate delivery of photos for each client. Additionally, you will have the option of simply transferring your raw images to us and letting our staff photographer handle all post-production and editing.
  • Camp Fire will provide volunteer photographers with an "In-kind Services Donated" receipt that can be used as a tax write off for their photo business.

Professional photographers interested in volunteering can sign up right now! Contact: Beth Getsinger at or 541-382-4682.

Beth Getsinger, Special Projects Manager | Camp Fire Central Oregon
(541) 382-4682


Katie Roberts, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator | Camp Fire Central Oregon
(541) 299-2812

About Camp Fire Central Oregon

Founded in 1910, Camp Fire is a national organization that actively engages youth and teens in building essential skills for life. Camp Fire Central Oregon has been a local leader in youth development since 1916. The organization provides co-ed out-of-school time, teen service and leadership, camp and environmental programs. Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to help them find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.



When it came to physical health, we renovated bathrooms, paved walkways, and made other camp updates. When it came to child safety and abuse prevention, we continued to refine our national and local policies and procedures, working closely with youth protection experts at Praesidium, the national leader in abuse risk management. This continues to be a huge priority so we can meet the highest standards or have a clear path to get there.

And when it came to mental and emotional health, the toll and isolation of COVID-19 was immense; the U.S. Surgeon General just declared children’s mental health a national crisis, releasing a Youth Mental Health Advisory. To make sure we were ready for young people, we formed a new partnership with On Our Sleeves to offer mental health resources to our network. We also continued to expand education around the power of developmental relationships from The Search Institute. We focused program efforts around creating a safe space, the foundation for youth engagement and interaction, and measured for quality using Weikart Center’s Program Quality Assessment tool.

As we worked through our strategic plan that kicked off in early 2021, we also focused on equity. We addressed equity in both our professional development and in our programming, and we also worked on connecting social-emotional learning (SEL) to equity and explaining to our network why it matters for young people.

Lastly, we know that when a young person gets outside, magic happens. No matter how young people experience the outdoors — as something awesome and powerful to behold or something that catalyzes relationships with self or others, it is a place that everyone can access. It is a tool for positive youth development, and you can find the results and impact in these pages.

We all need connection. Despite COVID-19 and its barriers, Camp Fire was able to connect 68,546 youth and their families to the outdoors, to others, and to themselves, over the past year. We hope you enjoy this report and see the life-giving connections that make this work so important.




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