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Tracking Camp Fire’s Impact

Impact. From the Latin impingere, meaning “driven in.” To come into contact with, to influence or have a strong effect on. Synonyms: Impression, mark, imprint, repercussion, result.


What does it mean to truly have an impact? At Camp Fire we take that question seriously. We want to know that we’re spending our time, energy and money on activities that make a real difference in young people’s lives.


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Since 2015, Camp Fire National has been tracking trend and impact data (with the help of Hatchuel Tabernick & Associates) that measures whether Camp Fire kids are thriving. That’s our how purpose for being, right? Helping young people find their spark, lift their voice and discover who they are!

We want to make sure we’re fulfilling our promise. So we ask a LOT of questions and comb through the answers for…more answers. Here’s what our latest research tells us about Camp Fire's impact nationwide:


Learn how you can have an impact on Camp Fire’s impact here in Central Oregon!


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