Meet our newest board member: Brittnye Freeberg! Brittnye joined our Board of Directors earlier this year, but has volunteered with Camp Fire Central Oregon at both our Tumalo Day Camp and Afterschool program since 2016. She works as a scientist in product development at Lonza Pharma & Biotech and brings a passion for instilling a growth mindset and teaching kids about science to our team. We are thrilled to welcome Brittnye to Camp Fire!

Check out our recent interview with her here:

Where are you from?

I am originally from central Wisconsin, but we have lived in central Oregon for 9 years.

How do you describe yourself?

Ambitious and detail-oriented with a lot of grit for overcoming difficult life challenges.

How long have you been a part of Camp Fire and in what ways?

I first volunteered with Camp Fire in 2016 as a Tumalo Day Camp Counselor and volunteered for that role on multiple occasions. I also helped out with an after school program at Amity Creek a couple of years ago and joined the Board of Directors this year.

What motivated you to get involved with Camp Fire?

I was inspired to volunteer for Camp Fire thanks to one of the directors, Cece Valcescini. Her and I used to deliver the newspaper together and she knew I had three young children at home. This was a great way for me to seek a support network for all of us and to give my kids opportunities for growth that I didn’t get as a kid. As we grew closer over time, Cece recognized the perfectionist traits in me and saw how it would benefit both the children of the community AND myself for me to get involved with the organization. I love interacting with kids, and this program has much to teach adults about themselves as well.

Why do you like working with Camp Fire? How does it impact you? Or feed you?

One of my favorite parts of working with Camp Fire is showing children how to live with a growth mindset. As a lifelong recovering perfectionist, growth mindset speaks to the inner child in me. I love being able to see a child overcome a challenge they didn’t initially think they could do, but with encouragement, bravery, and a willingness to learn from mistakes they realize they can rise.

What are your “sparks” (a spark is an interest, hobby, or passion...something that makes you come alive!)? 

My sparks include hiking and spending time outside in our beautiful state, learning about science and teaching kids about science, and spending time with my three kids.

Were you inspired by an adult mentor? How?

I was very inspired by Cece Valcescini. Her warmth and passion for kids in our community is admirable and inviting. She also helped me do some soul-searching through service to our community. Cece recognizes where the future will come from and she invests carefully and intentionally in each child, and that inspires me to be a beacon of light for the future of our world as well.

Any parting words/something to add that might be interesting to our community?

Programs like Camp Fire could be the flame that fans a child’s passion for the rest of their life. These experiences in childhood shape our future adults and are so important to sustain through volunteerism and charitable acts. Giving back to your community can look like a lot of different things and giving of your resources isn’t always money. Please consider volunteering for a program or day camp and see what Camp Fire is all about!


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