A crowd of kids and families participating at Bit(e) of Robotics at Deschutes Public Library

Deschutes Public Library is the perfect venue for Camp Fire Central Oregon's free Bit(e) of Robotics workshops!

Over the past winter and spring months, Camp Fire Central Oregon has been holding free Bit(e) of Robotics workshops through the Deschutes Public Library—and these introductory robotics events have been a hit!

Taking place at the Redmond Public Library and the Downtown Bend Library, Bit(e) of Robotics has given community members a chance to come out and learn about robotics, play with real robots, and receive quality coaching from Logan Betts, our STEM programs coordinator, all at no cost. Part of Camp Fire’s efforts to expand access to STEM enrichment, the workshops provide a fun, supportive environment for discovery, experimentation, problem-solving, connection and outright fun.

According to Betts, approximately 35 families, including an estimated 50 youth representing a wide span of ages, have participated in the afternoon workshops thus far. Oh, and here’s some great news: There’s one more opportunity this spring to join the fun if you’ve wanted to get a taste for this tech but haven’t yet done so! The next and final Bite(e) of Robotics workshop is coming right up: Friday, May 31, 3:15-5:15 p.m., Downtown Bend Library, 507 NW Wall St., Bend.🤖 Anyone—whether brand new to robotics or returning for another “bit(e)” is invited and encouraged to attend!

Finally, an important reminder: Camp Fire’s summer STEM and robotics camp season for rising 1st-6th graders kicks off soon! In addition to robotics camps offered for Level 1 (no experience) and Level 2 (have intro/Level 1 experience), we’re offering outdoor STEM camps that bring an environmental focus to the world of STEM learning and fun. Explore these terrific opportunities and Sign Up today!

mom helping kids assemble LEGO parts for robotics

A parents helps assemble LEGO® parts at Camp Fire Central Oregon's Bit(e) of Robotics at Deschutes Public Library.

boy holding robot at Bit(e) of Robotics

Even little ones have big fun at Bit(e) of Robotics workshops with Camp Fire Central Oregon!