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Teens In Action

Teens In Action (TIA) is all about teens working together to make their community a better place. Members explore what matters to them, challenge themselves, and take on leadership roles to achieve their goals. This program is built on Camp Fire’s long-standing belief that youth are part of the solution to, and not the problem with, today’s social and environmental issues.

Teens in Action is a scaffolded program based on both age and past volunteer experience to support youth through the process of becoming active change agents in their communities.

There are 3 TIA groups:

1 - Firestarters are introduced to what it means to be a volunteer for the causes they support. Open to 6th-8th graders, this group meets once a week for 6 week sessions. Members identify causes that matter to them and the group facilitator puts together service projects that give them a taste of how they can champion those causes. This group is recommended for middle schoolers who are participating in Teens In Action for the first time or who want to volunteer without a big commitment.

2 - Teens Ignited take on more leadership in setting up and implementing their service projects. Open to 7th-10th graders, this group meets once a week for 8 week sessions. Members identify areas for improvement in their community and design service projects that allow them to make a difference. This group is recommended for middle schoolers who have participated in TIA previously and want to get more involved, or high schoolers who want volunteer experience without commitment to a long-term project.

3 - Teens on Fire are just that! They plan and implement all projects and explore what it means to be an advocate for a cause. Open to 9th-12th graders, this group meets once a week for 15 week sessions. Members take the lead on identifying, planning, and executing all aspects of their service and are encouraged to create long-term projects that will allow them to get more deeply involved with their cause. This group is recommended for high schoolers who have identified volunteerism as one of their sparks and are ready to commit to TIA as a regular extracurricular.


Fall 2019 Sessions:

Program Details:


LOCATION: Camp Fire Office

Our regular meeting location is at the Camp Fire office, located in the BendTECH Coworking space at 1001 SW Emkay Dr, Bend, OR 97702.

We may meet elsewhere when we are out in the community doing our service projects, but all location changes will be communicated ahead of time by staff.



A water bottle and a great attitude!



Camp Fire programs are kept small to ensure a great Adult:Youth ratio and create the best growth experience possible. If the program is sold out, please add yourself to the waitlist.



Thanks to generous support from Oregon Community Foundation, we will be offering our Teens in Action program on a sliding scale basis.  At registration, please choose the highest level that you are able to contribute.



Learn more about our registration policies including making payments, our cancellation policy, and our refund policy.   

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within