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Hey! This is the Teens In Action high school group: Teens On Fire. The service project we've designed this year is to create a safe space for teens in unsafe homes, needing time away from their families, or just needing to socialize. Our space is called R.I.S.C. (Respecting Identities + Social Care). This is important because during these times of COVID-19, a lot of kids have been stuck at home with their families and may be needing time away or just a supportive space to go for a little bit.

R.I.S.C. will meet on Saturdays from 12:00-2:00pm on: 12/5, 12/12, 1/2, 1/9, 1/16, 1/23. You can come for one day or for all!

If you or someone you know would interested in joining us at R.I.S.C., please let us know by clicking on the link and filling out the form.


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We also are raising money to rent out venues where we can host our safe space meetings. If you can donate, that would really help us, thanks! If not, totally fine.


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Thank you!

Teens On Fire



Camp Fire Central Oregon's Teens In Action program encourages teens to become agents of change in their community. This particular TIA group, Teens On Fire, is comprised of 6 high schoolers who are veterans of the program. They came up with the idea to create a safe space for middle schoolers and high schoolers based on their own struggles with isolation during COVID-19 and the knowledge that many of their peers are currently stuck in unsafe homes. The group is working hard to make this much-needed community intervention a reality. Supporting their project means supporting youth-led initiatives and allowing young people to take positive action during a difficult time.  

Thank you for your consideration,

Beth Getsinger

Program Manager


Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within