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How to Register for Tumalo Day Camp

Lottery First, Registration Second

Tumalo Day Camp is an incredible opportunity, and, no doubt about it, we want as many children as possible to experience the joy of Tumalo Day Camp. However, in recent years and even with our adding a third week of camp, it has become increasingly competitive to secure a spot at Tumalo Day Camp.

To make registration a more equitable process, we are going to be using a lottery system for registration this year so that no matter your family's schedule, you will still have an equal opportunity to register for camp. In signing up for the lottery, you will be joining a waitlist for your session of choice.

Families can sign up for the lottery between February 5-12 for the sessions they want to attend.

What to know about the lottery and selection process:  

  1. Those who have previously participated in Tumalo Day Camp will have a better chance of securing a spot.
  2. Youth will only be selected for one week of camp. If you sign up for multiple weeks, you have a better chance of being selected as you will be entered in the lottery for each week. However, you will only get one of the weeks you signed up for. Please do not sign up for weeks you cannot attend, as you will not be able to switch your week for a different one.
  3. We will do our best to make sure siblings are in the same week.

On February 19, we will open registration.

Registration is available here. If a session is full, anyone can add themselves to the end of the waitlist. If a session is not full, they can register for the session right then.

Youth can be on the waitlists for multiple weeks of Tumalo Day Camp, BUT they will only be able to register for one week of Tumalo Day Camp up until May 1. On May 1, that restriction will be lifted and youth will be able to register for more than one week if there is space.

Click here For Tumalo Day Camp program details.

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