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Meet the SummerKids Team

Hello SummerKids Friends! Welcome to SummerKids 2024! We are so excited to have you join us at camp. We're going to have loads of fun—Camp Fire style! This page shares important information that parents, guardians, and campers need to know to help ensure an awesome experience at camp. Please read through this page carefully and prepare accordingly. We look forward to seeing you soon!


a headshot of Zafiro smiling

As one of Camp Fire Central Oregon’s Program Manger’s, Zafiro (she/her) leads the SummerKids Program. Zafiro loves singing, performing, hiking, rafting, reading, music, travel, good cuisine and good conversations. Her favorite colors are turquoise and earth red. Zafiro’s favorite foods are cheese (the stronger the better), chocolate with almonds, and seafood. Zafiro has worked in eight countries either as an English teacher or a service and adventure program guide for teens.

a headshot of Ella smiling

Aside from working with SummerKids, Logan (she/her) is also the STEM Program Coordinator at Camp Fire Central Oregon. Logan loves spending quality time with the people she loves, sharing meals, playing board games, traveling and being outside together. She also enjoys reading, baking, being outside in any capacity, and traveling solo. Logan’s favorite color is green. Her favorite foods are peaches and pineapple in the summer, chocolate croissants and everything bagels. Even though Logan does not like bananas, she LOVES banana pudding....?

Cadence smiling with her hands framing her face

Cadence (she/her) loves to read and enjoy the little moments in life. Her favorite colors are lavender and dark green. She loves dark chocolate, peanut butter cups, and Mexican food. When she was in second grade, she dressed up for Halloween as the bubbly, goth forensic scientist Abby from NCIS. She's excited to meet all the campers this year!

a headshot of Curtis smiling

Curtis's (he/him) primary passion is tech on the operating system level, but he also has a soft spot for web development. Curtis also likes to cook, read and go fishing. His favorite color is red, and he likes greek, Indian and Mexican food. When he's not cooking, he likes to visit the various food carts around town. Curtis has visited three different countries.

a headshot of Ella smiling

Ella (she/her) is motivated by joy and loves anything that makes her laugh. She also has a love for birds, cooking, reading and games of all kinds. Her favorite colors are natural tones, especially green and brown. Ella’s favorite foods are grapes, chips and salsa, and black licorice. In high school Ella was the founder and president of the line-dancing club.

Ellie (she/them) loves being outside, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, camping, biking, paddle boarding and more! Ellie also loves exploring new places through travel, trying new foods, and experiencing other cultures, spending time with her friends and family, reading, making art, and music. Ellie’s favorite colors are green, blue and brown. Ellie loves fresh summer fruit and chocolate. Ellie also has a great duck call (ask her about it) and a twin brother.

a headshot of Ella smiling

Halle loves being outside, spending time with family and coffee. Her favorite colors are blue, pink and green. Halle’s favorite foods are anything chocolate and pizza. Halle has four sisters (one of which is a twin). Allie has been to both Zion and Arches National Parks in Utah and hopes to travel to New Zealand some day.

a headshot of Harrison smiling

Harrison loves science, particularly chemistry. He also loves reading, hiking and camping. Harrison’s favorite color is blue and his favorite food is Granny Smith apples. Harrison has a twin fraternal twin brother who looks nothing like him. People often don’t even believe they are related.

a headshot of Jordan smiling

Jordan loves soccer, hiking, swimming, camping and backpacking. Her favorite colors are blue and green. Jordan loves to eat any kind of brownie and drink strawberry lemonade kombucha. Jordan has a cat named Ron, named after Ron from Harry Potter (her favorite character).

a headshot of Kaitlyn smiling

Kaitlyn is competitive. She also loves painting, sports, crafting, science and serving others. Her favorite color is green, every kind of green. Kaitlyn loves to eat vegetables, raspberries and watermelon. She also loves dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and dill pickles. Kaitlyn was originally left handed until she broke her left arm when she was learning to write, which forced her to become right handed.

a headshot of Kylie smiling

Kylie loves listening to music, watching and playing sports, hiking, camping and spending time outdoors. She also loves reading and spending time with family and friends. Kylie’s favorite color is green, but she also really likes yellow, pink and blue. Her favorite foods are anything gluten free, sweet tea and strawberry lemonade. Kylie has had a broken wrist three times (once was from a rope swing accident).

a headshot of Mali smiling

Mali’s favorite things are her cat, the Innocence Project, houseplants, and listening to music in her car. Her favorite color is green. Mali’s favorite foods are anything with cheese and Chester’s hot fries. She also enjoys Chai lattes. Believe it or not, Mali has never burped in her entire life; it's a condition called retrograde cricopharyngeal dysfunction.

a headshot of Memphis smiling

Memphis has a passion for writing, filmmaking, movies, music, travel, rugby, animals, bugs. Her favorite colors are red, royal blue, forest green and brown. Memphis enjoys Meltolius Chai and really sweet cantaloupe. Memphis is double jointed in her fingers.

a headshot of Pola smiling

Pola is from Australia. She passionate about First Nations sovereignty and working in service of First Nations peoples—something she was doing for the last few years back in Australia. Pola also loves the outdoors, hiking and backpacking especially, but also paddle boarding. This winter, Polo is planning to learn to snowboard. Pola loves to eat vanilla cookies and pears. Pola is constantly trying new weird craft hobbies—currently, one favorite is lino printing.

a headshot of Memphis smiling

Rita loves the great outdoors. She also likes listening to live music. Rita likes healthy foods like fruits, nuts, and hummus with veggies and pretzels. Rita is back in Bend after having been away for almost 10 years. She loves dad jokes and can recite the alphabet backwards.

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

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