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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

These are the questions we get the most about our programs and how Camp Fire Central Oregon stands out in terms of inclusion, caring, training, and customer service.

In programs like Tumalo Day Camp, where campers spend time in assigned, small groups, we often receive requests to pair individual campers with friends. We do try to take those requests into consideration when making our groups. We hope our families understand that we cannot promise any camper assignments due to the scale of our programs and the number of pairing requests we receive. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that requests will be honored, as there are many factors and moving pieces that go into making groups and we cannot always accommodate every request. Youth in different groups do have opportunities to interact with each other. We also intentionally create opportunities within groups for youth to get to know each other, make new friends, and overcome their fears. This is a great learning experience and many youth who meet each other at camp become great friends!
Absolutely! As we state in the Parent Handbook and on our Registration Policies web page: Camp Fire believes in the dignity and the intrinsic worth of every human being. We welcome, affirm, and support young people and adults of all abilities and disabilities, experiences, races, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, religion and non-religion, citizenship and immigration status, and any other category people use to define themselves or others. We strive to create safe and inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and foster positive relationships.
Camp Fire actively welcomes our transgender and non-binary co-workers, young people, volunteers, and donors. Sharing our personal pronouns affirms our belief that every individual has the right to define their own identity. Putting our personal pronouns on name tags and in our email signatures is an easy way to let recipients know we honor those definitions—and want to know their personal pronouns, too! This is another small step in Camp Fire’s long tradition of inclusivity. Using names our youth choose for themselves is not new in Camp Fire. We’ve been doing it for over 100 years! And it’s in our official inclusion policy states: In Camp Fire, everyone is welcome. Including your personal pronouns in introductions and emails is just one way we can make the world—and Camp Fire—a more friendly place for trans and non-binary people. Want to learn more? Check out:

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