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Outdoor Camp Fire Adventures for Absolutely Incredible Kids!

We're so excited to announce that Camp Fire Central Oregon is expanding its outdoor education programs, with a focus on offering more of our high-quality camp experiences to kids in Central Oregon. This new, very nature-based program, its activities, and its field trips offer a ton of fun and a chance to explore + in Oregon = ExplOregon!

Expect to see half-day, full-day and even week-long camps, where Camp Fire kids will be discovering environmental “gems” right in our own back yard, checking out some of the amazing things our area has to offer. Think local streams and waterways, geology, human history and more! At ExplOregon, kids will stretch their legs, brains and passion for the outdoors. Together, we'll turn that time outside of the classroom—or during long summer days—into exciting adventures outside. We'll learn more about nature, our impacts on it, and its impacts on us!

Thanks to both grantors and community partners, this program has two current offerings:


ExplOregon Summer Camps | Grades 1-6
Five-day camps in LaPine and Prineville/Madras (location TBD), served by Camp Fire staff and college-aged outdoor-education interns. These camps aim to bring the very best of our traditional camp model to these kids, while making sure they're getting lots of exposure to nature, engagement with the outdoors, and environmental discovery. We're bringing one camp, in partnership with the LaPine Parks and Recreation Department, to the LaPine area. Kids already enrolled in their summer camp sessions will have an opportunity to enjoy camp with us! The location for either our Prineville or Madras location will be announced soon! As we are always trying to grow this program, if you know of locations or potential partners in either location, please contact our Outdoor Education Program Coordinator, James DiRosa.


Project Good Earth | Grades 4-5
Join us as we jump in the Camp Fire van and head off for afternoon of super-cool, nature based field trips. The program kicks off April 19 and runs eight Wednesdays in a row.

Inspired in part by Camp Fire program fundamentals that date back to the 1980s and rooted in environmental awareness, appreciation and preservation, this incredible framework has been reinvented by our camp leaders to make it relevant for today's kids and modern times. Our goals: to help youth feel more comfortable in the outdoors, care more about the outdoors, and learn how to take care of the outdoors, starting right here in our immediate region.

Join our expedition to boost connection with nature, others and yourself! Only 12 spots available...grab yours today!!! Register here.

WHEN: Wednesdays, April 19 thru June 7.

PROGRAM HOURS: 1:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Drop-off and pickup at the parking lot between Troy Field and the Environmental Center.

COST: $320. Financial assistance and scholarships available. Learn more here. Spots sell out but our waitlist is always an option!

REFUND CANCELLATION POLICY: Learn more about our registration policies including making payments, our cancellation policy, and our refund policy.

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