If you...


                  Full Color   Love kids and understand that young people need mentors and encouragement

                  Full Color   Want to make a positive impact on your community

                  Full Color    Feel passion for the environment, service-learning and personal growth mindset 

                  Full Color    Enjoy working toward a goal with a passionate group of like-minded people

                  Full Color    Believe that young people want to shape the world and need the proper tools to do it


...then consider becoming a Camp Fire Volunteer!


Volunteers are vital to Camp Fire!

Just a few hours of time can make a meaningful difference in the life of a child in our community. All of Camp Fire’s adult and youth volunteers are provided with training and ongoing staff support. As a volunteer, you will help young people find their spark and make a difference in our community now, all while having fun!

Contact us today if you are interested in making a real difference in our community. We would love to hear from you! Then, fill out our Volunteer Application Packet and submit it to our office.


Explore our volunteer opportunities:

Camp Counselor

Time commitment is 9:30am to 3:30pm - Monday through Friday during camp.

Volunteer camp counselors send their kids to camp for free!

Facilitate and help plan outdoor adventures, fun activities, crafts, games, and songs for a group of similarly-aged kids at Tumalo Day Camp.

To volunteer at Tumalo Day Camp, download and fill out the volunteer application form at the top of this page and submit the form to us. We'll schedule an interview, and, if you are a good fit and you've passed your background check, you may attend our camp training.

We also encourage all of our Tumalo Day Camp volunteers and their family members to become members of Camp Fire Central Oregon, though membership is not required in order to volunteer. There are many benefits to a Camp Fire Membership: Learn more here!

Please Contact us for more information if you would like to volunteer at Tumalo Day Camp this year!

After-School Club Leader

~2 hours/week throughout the school year

Use our research-based curriculum to lead weekly activities for a group of young people, emphasizing community service, creativity, exploration, and fun outdoor experiences. This is an amazing and rewarding opportunity to engage with and mentor a small group of young people, making a direct and tangible impact on their lives. Groups are generally comprised of six to 12 youth, all of similar ages, and two adults. We offer curriculum for kids grades K-12. Find out more here! 

Board of Directors Member

2-5 hours/month; 3 year term

Serve as a voting member of the board with the authority and responsibility to develop policies, procedures, and regulations for the conduct and Camp Fire Central Oregon. Help shape the direction of the organization and contribute to its financial sustainability. If you're interested in applying for a position on the Camp Fire Central Oregon Board of Directors, please contact us for more information.

Community Outreach and Marketing

1-2 hours, one-time or ongoing, depending on interest and availability

Help make an event successful by doing things like distributing flyers, staffing a table at a community event, organizing an activity for an event, soliciting and/or securing in-kind donations, selling raffle tickets, participating in set up/clean up, or assisting with social media marketing.


Marketing Internships:

High school and college students can apply for our Marketing Internship Positions. Interns assist with all aspects of marketing, from updating social media and our website to attending outreach events and assisting with planning. Contact Us to apply for one of these internships.*

*Marketing Internships are not guaranteed to be available at all times throughout the year.  

Specialists and Experts

2-4 hours, one-time, or many!

Share your spark by teaching a class or a workshop on your favorite topic to kids, parents, or families. It could be healthy cooking, fostering child literacy, science experiments, survival skills, botany, music, fly fishing, knitting, robotics, or yoga—whatever you’re passionate about! Lead a one-time workshop, a class series, or be a guest expert at one of our camps throughout the year.


Time commitment is based on your schedule and availability. 

Photographers needed at:

  • Fall Clubs
  • Camp Fire Events
  • Story Time Events
  • Teens In Action Meetings
  • SummerKids Day Camps
  • Tumalo Day Camps
  • Adventure Challenge Camp  

We are looking for experienced photographers who would like to help us build our photo library.

If you are interested, please turn in a volunteer packet to our office, or contact us to learn more! 


"Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in my community and to become a better leader myself. I've learned so much as a club leader!"  - Jenna