Top 5 Reasons to Join A Camp Fire Club This Fall

Don’t let this warm weather fool you; Fall is making a comeback as she slowly creeps into Central Oregon. Some of the leaves have already begun to change, and the morning air has been gradually getting chillier– have you noticed? Very soon, t-shirts and bathing suits will be replaced with sweaters and hot-chocolate. While not all of the changes are noticeable, some of them are so glaringly obvious that they’re difficult to ignore, no matter how hard you may try!

Somewhere over the course of summer, your second grader may have turned into a third grader, your sixth grader into a seventh grader, and your four year old may have taken his/her first steps toward kindergarten. Summer-to-fall can feel bittersweet. Kids grow up so fast, and the transition this time of year is never easy.

Luckily, there are many places you can turn to, and resources available that can help you along the way. One of those places is Camp Fire. We have a wealth of knowledge, and the resources you need to ensure that your children thrive throughout the entire year.


Top 5 Reasons to Join A Camp Fire Club This Fall:

1. Make new friends

Ask anyone who was in Camp Fire as a kid and they will tell you all about the fun things they did with their friends while in Club. From camping and hiking to crafting and candy sales, clubs encourage young people to enjoy their time together, be themselves, and appreciate each other for the diversity and differences that make them unique. Our clubs are special because they are for boys and girls of all ages, and all walks of life.

Camp Fire Central Oregon, Discovery Club 2015














From pre-K through 12th Grade, being in a Camp Fire Club is a great way for any kid to make new friends, or simply spend more quality time with their buddies from school.

2. Find your spark

Do you know your child’s spark? Is it the creative life, sports, social justice, or the pursuit of knowledge? Do they have more than one spark? More than two?

These are the questions that are essential to ask if youth are going to truly thrive. At Camp Fire, we have over a century of experience helping youth to discover the things they love in life, as well as guiding them and instructing them on how to implement those things into their daily lives in a productive, engaging way.


Clubs do many activities throughout the year that are meant to help kids find their spark. Above, Cece and a group of Camp Fire kids give nature a helping hand by cleaning up a park.
















Camp Fire Clubs are an excellent way to help your kids discover what they are passionate about. We do this by providing a broad range of activities, projects, and progressions that are all completed within the course of one year. Every child in a Camp Fire Club has access to a trained and caring adult mentor who is there to encourage their growth and development as they seek out and identify their spark(s).

3. Give service 

Camp Fire’s motto is “Give Service.” We believe that an important part of growing up is learning how to help others. The young people in Camp Fire Clubs can be seen giving back to the community year-round. As they get older, Club participants begin to plan their own service-learning projects.

Valentines camp

Making Valentines Day Cards for veterans is a favorite service project among Camp Fire kids each year.
















Giving service feels good, and for many kids, it’s a large part of who they are. Clubs provide the opportunity for young people to figure out what types of community issues they are passionate about, as well as what an enormous positive impact they can have on the lives of others.

4. Gear up for the future 

Camp Fire has been around for over a century, making us one of the oldest youth organizations in the nation. Studies have shown that young people who participate in Camp Fire programs, such as Clubs, are more likely to:

-Stay in school

-Demonstration social competence

-Lead a healthy lifestyle

-Be environmentally conscious

-Have a sense of purpose

-Achieve their full potential

pic 3

End of school year Grand Council Fire Ceremony, 2015
















It’s easy to see how Camp Fire Clubs allow for growth and positive advancement in the lives of our young people. With the help of trained, caring adults, Camp Fire kids are able to identify their spark, adopt a growth mindset, build goals and management skills, and take time to productively reflect on the outcomes of each project they complete. All of these things together help youth to thrive.

5. Get involved  

There are countless ways to get involved in your child’s life, but Camp Fire Clubs offer some of the easiest, most time-tested methods out there. You don’t have to be a Club Leader to be involved (although it sure helps!). We believe that family activities are an important part of growing up and maintaining positive communication with your kids throughout the years, that’s why we offer many inclusive, family-friendly events and encourage parents to attend.

Opening up a strong line of communication with your child now – as soon as you can – is so important to the health and well being of your entire family. Knowing who your kids are hanging out with, who is supervising them, and where you can turn to if there is an issue is extremely valuable. We believe that all young people deserve the opportunity to grow, find their spark, and thrive, but you, as the parent, are a big part of that equation, and we value your involvement in Camp Fire and your child’s life.

A group of pirates at Tumalo Day Camp

Tumalo Day Camp 2015 – Hundreds of young people participate in this all-volunteer run camp each year!














To learn more and register for a Camp Fire Club, CLICK HERE.

About Mandy Butera

Mandy is a highly motivated individual who loves making a difference in the lives of others. She has a strong desire to participate in the community she lives in and help enrich the lives of children world wide. Mandy has a passion and belief that today’s youth are the future leaders of tomorrow. She has spent time in Africa helping children with cancer through the creation of nutritional programs and fundraising for hospital support. Mandy spent the past 20 years as a successful cosmetic executive with a record of driving sales in a multi-unit region through developing direct reports for future leadership, successful event planning and execution, problem solving and building strong relationships with sales partners. Mandy also holds a Health Coaching Certification and is a Registered Yoga Teacher. With her love of the outdoor life and all that the Bend area has to offer, you can often find her, her husband and Booker their English Bulldog running on the trails and floating on the river. Mandy will work closely with the organization's marketing team in the implementation of Camp Fire's marketing strategy, social media community building, outreach efforts, community partner relations and customer service