Code of Conduct

We strive to make all of our programs an inclusive and positive environment for everyone. Participants are asked to review and agree to the Code of Conduct at the start of our programs.

Please review the Code of Conduct with your child before attending Camp Fire programs. Staff will also go over this with participants on the first day. In addition to our Code of Conduct, please review our Behavior Policy to ensure that you and your child are ready to have a successful experience in a Camp Fire program.

  • Be a responsible member of the community
  • Be considerate and respectful of others’ feelings
  • Think in advance about the consequences of my actions
  • Resolve differences in a respectful manner
  • Respect and protect the natural environment
  • Follow the safety rules and policies of the program.
  • Cooperate with other participants and staff.
  • Respect the rights and properties of others. If I feel threatened I will immediately tell my counselor or another staff member.
  • Listen and follow instructions.
  • Participate in activities.
  • I understand that electronic equipment is not permitted at camp. If I bring it to camp it will be taken away and returned to my parents upon departure.
  • Commit to honesty.
  • Commit to try.

Behavior Management

Staff will use positive reinforcement to help participants adhere to the Code of Conduct. In case of continued behavior problems, the staff may implement the following consequences, depending on severity:

  • Time out away from the group
  • Loss of a privilege or special treat
  • Phone call to the parent(s)
  • Written behavior agreement
  • Camper will be sent home

If a participant is having continued behavior problems, staff will inform and consult the parents whenever possible. Participants may be sent home for behavior that is causing harm to self or others, or negatively impacting the experience of other participants.


Bullying is a serious problem among children that goes beyond teasing and hurt feelings. We intentionally foster a culture of respect and emotional safety, and therefore do not tolerate bullying in the camp community. Kids who initiate or participate in bullying behavior may be sent home. Please talk to your child about bullying before attending camp, and encourage them to talk to a staff member if they witness or experience bullying.