Behavior Policy

Camp Fire Central Oregon takes the health and well-being of our program participants and staff very seriously.

Please review the Code of Conduct with your child before attending Camp Fire programs.

  • Participants may be sent home for chronically disruptive behavior. Such behavior is defined as verbal or physical activity that may include, but is not limited to, behavior that:
    • Requires constant attention from the staff.
    • Inflicts physical or emotional harm on children or staff.
    • Displays destructive behavior.
  • Camp Fire has zero tolerance for bullying, fighting, assaults or actions that endanger participants or staff.
    • Bullying means one or more people excluding, teasing, taunting, gossiping, hitting, kicking, or putting down another person with the intent to hurt him/her physically or emotionally.
    • Assault means a verbal or physical attack on another person(s) who does not wish to engage in the conflict and who has not provoked the assault.
    • Fighting means aggressive, hostile bodily contact with other campers.
  • Participants may not use or possess drugs, alcohol, or tobacco at program locations. Possession or misuse of medication, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco at the program will result in being sent home.
  • Guns and weapons are prohibited at camp, including toy/squirt guns or anything resembling a gun. Possession of a weapon will result in police involvement and being sent home immediately.
  • Cell phones are not allowed during programs, nor are other electronics including music players, laptops, tablets, or video games. Any cell phones or electronics will be taken away and returned at the end of the session.
  • Clothing must be modest and appropriate for young children; it must not be revealing or promote negative messages.
  • Close-toed shoes are always required, except during water activities.