Middle School and Teen Programs

Learn. Laugh. Lead.

What inspires you? Camp Fire is committed to helping middle and high schoolers explore their world, the outdoors and themselves. Whether you're spending a week restoring local watersheds or tackling social issues with your peers, you'll build job, leadership, communication and life skills...all while having a blast!

Get ready to grow, discover your passions and purpose, and explore what really matters to you.  In Camp Fire, it begins NOW.


"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."
~ Howard Zinn


Many of our groups offer chances to help the environment and the community.

Make friends while helping others!

"Whatever you are, be a good one."
~ Abraham Lincoln


Year-round, we offer experiences and programs designed to give you skills for going to college, getting experience and building a resumé...all while building memories of a lifetime.

"Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better."
~ Albert Einstein


We're passionate about getting outside, connecting with our natural world and being good stewards to the environment. Oh, and of course, HAVING FUN!


TEENS IN ACTION CLUBS - Give back. Have fun!

Service / Leadership

In Teens in Action, members will use their ideas and voices to shape the club's projects, aimed at making their community a better place. More than just a service club, Teens in Action is dedicated to teens exploring what matters to them, challenging themselves and taking on leadership roles to achieve their goals. This program is built on Camp Fire’s long-standing belief that youth are part of the solution to, and not the problem with, today’s social and environmental issues. The ultimate goal of the program is to bring together like-minded teens who want to become a positive force in their communities, and the world.

TIA will meet every other week at various locations, generally in the downtown area, through May. This club may also meet on other days, outside of regular meetings, as planned and set by the group.  

Meetings every other Sunday.

Cost: Sliding Scale: $125, $95, or apply for scholarship




More About Teens In Action


Teens in Action is a club dedicated to teens, helping them explore what matters to them and creating a plan to improve their communities.  Here, teens challenge themselves and take on leadership to achieve their goals and become a positive force for their community.

Teens in Action is more than just community service. This program is built on Camp Fire’s long-standing belief that youth are part of the solution to, and not the problem with, today’s social and environmental challenges.  The ultimate goal of these programs is to bring together like-minded teens who want to make a difference in their communities and the world.

Teens in Action Clubs are open to participants in the 6th grade and above. We currently have two clubs:

  • A new TIA club whose focus will be determined by its members, and
  • Our CELEBRATE! Club: Started by members several years ago, this club raises funds to help families in need get supplies like birthday cakes and party favors to throw their kids a birthday party! Join and help local kids celebrate this year!

You should join a Teens in Action program if you want to:

  • Light The Fire Within
  • Develop confidence and leadership skills
  • Challenge yourself to master new skills
  • Set goals and direct your own plan to achieve them
  • Make a significant Impact in your community now

Members meet to explore their interests, identify community needs, generate ideas, and create and implement solutions. The "TIA" program uses a set curriculum to guide teens as they identify the issues that are unique to their community, plan appropriate service learning activities that will address the needs of their community, and then reflect upon the process, what they were able to accomplish, how successful their efforts were, and what they may change about their approach if they were to do it all over again in the future.

During the course of this program, young people are able to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, learn how to work in a team setting, become aware of the world around them and the different issues that their community faces, make new friends, and have a lot of fun in the process.

OUTING CLUB: Nature. Recreation. Exploration.

Outing Club

Nature / Recreation / Exploration

Outing Club is for adventurous youth who like to get outdoors, explore and have fun.  We will practice wilderness survival tips and outdoor skills, learn about and immerse ourselves in nature and discuss current topics that affect our local environment and recreation opportunities.  Members will work together to create and fundraise exciting day-long outings as well as environmental stewardship projects.  Studies have shown, that being outdoors promotes intellectual, physical and social development as well as an overall sense of well-being.  So, if you are interested in outdoor adventure, leadership, service and fun -this is the club for you!

Beginning 2/18 and running through May, Outing Club will meet every other Sunday from 3:00-4:30pm at various locations, generally in the downtown area.

This club may also meet on other days, outside of regular meetings, as planned and set by the group.  Outing Club and Teens in Action will alternate weeks, so students are welcome to join both!
(Significant discounts will be applied for youth who want to join both clubs.)

Cost: Sliding Scale, $125, $95, or apply for scholarship


OVERNIGHT RETREATS: Adventure. Leadership. Service.

Overnight Retreats

Leadership / Adventure

Join us for an overnight retreat focused on Leadership, Social Justice, Self Discovery and more. Our mini-intensive retreats are designed to be both fun and inspiring. Teens will have time to socialize with friends, participate in workshops and various activities, as well as share their voice and perspectives on topics that are meaningful to them.  While each retreat we offer has a different focus, these programs are generally focused on personal growth, creating an inclusive and equitable community, and developing leadership skills.  Topics can range throughout any of our core focus areas, including community service, the environment, creative arts, healthy living, preparing for the future, learning communication skills, and building social skills.  During these retreats, youth have the opportunity for self discovery, including their leadership goals, style, and focus.

Costs and opportunities vary.

See our upcoming retreats below and sign up!


For youth 6th through 8th grade, this 4-day traveling program will follow the path of the water that falls on Central Oregon.  Starting in the mountains, we will follow the Deschutes, into the Columbia, and out to Astoria where the river meets the ocean.  This trip is about having fun, outdoor recreation and our responsibilities to help protect our natural environment.  We will be camping, hiking, snowshoeing (snow conditions permitting) and checking out all the cool things to see and do as we go.  Along the way, we will discuss issues affecting Central Oregon’s watershed and recreation opportunities.  With a greater understanding of how we use our watershed, participants will design a stewardship project to complete sometime in the spring, and may even have the opportunity to present at Upper Deschutes Watershed Council’s Watershed Summit.


Dates: March 26-29, plus pre and post meetings.

Cost: Sliding Scale: $350, $250, apply for scholarship (Outing Club members: $225, $100, apply for a scholarship)



Skyliners Lodge Discovery Retreat for Middle Schoolers

Leadership, Friends and Fun!

Join us for the weekend at Skyliners Lodge to have fun with your friends, meet new friends, and explore topics around how to survive and thrive in middle school and beyond!  This retreat will be fun, and include opportunities for self discovery, a look at what it means to be a leader, and how to start NOW. Open to participants in the 6th-9th grade


Dates: May 5-6th, 2018

Cost: Sliding Scale  $125, $95; apply for a scholarship


Do you like kids? Are you outgoing and energetic?

Do you take responsibility? Do you like being silly?

If you answered yes, you've got what it takes to become a CIT! It's a ton of fun AND an important commitment to make the camp experience awesome for our young campers as a role model and mentor

Learn leadership and teamwork skills, while having fun with your friends!

Be a CIT at Tumalo Day Camp or SummerKids. For youth 13-18 years old, Camp Fire offers two Counselor in Training programs to teach valuable skills and provide great experiences that you will be able to carry with you as you apply to be a Camp Counselor, look for jobs, or even apply to colleges.  It's never too early to start building your resumé!

To become a CIT, youth must complete the CIT Application Form.

SummerKids Day Camp CIT (Ages 13-18)

Location: Bear Creek Elementary School

Tumalo Day Camp CIT (Entering grade 9th-12th)

Location: Tumalo State Park

Program fee includes meals, overnight training and staff costs

Due to popularity of the program, you may only register for one of the weeks of Tumalo Day Camp. CITs for both weeks will attend the Mandatory June training as one group. The Camp Director and CIT Director will review all applications and confirm your acceptance in the program. If we cannot offer you a space, all registration fees will be refunded.

To make sure all of our CITs are well trained and know what is expected of them at camp, mandatory trainings are required.


Teen Service Days

Volunteer / Community Service

For youth 6th grade and above, this program is a series of stand alone service projects put on in partnership with other local organizations.  Participants will meet periodically to discuss opportunities for service with an intention to plan monthly projects spanning a wide range of activities.  Projects will be organized by participants and Camp Fire staff, with support from parents, and other volunteers.  Projects will typically be on weekends or no school days, but could also be scheduled for afternoons or evenings, and youth/parents will receive updates on opportunities as they arise.

Cost: Free!

Sign up for our email list: Contact Teen Program Staff

Adult Volunteers needed!  Please let us know if you would be interested in helping to coordinate and participate in these events so we can keep them free!


Whether your child is gearing up to take care of siblings, or thinking of making a little extra cash as a babysitter - they won't want to miss this educational, hands-on course! Boys and girls (5th-8th grades) will learn important babysitting skills including: basic child care and first aid, safety measures, safe play with children, and job ethics. Participants will earn a babysitting certificate at the end of the course.

Cost: $65

Dates: April 12th

Want more information?

Email info@campfireco.org and tell us you want to know about Teen Opportunities.