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Did you know that Camp Fire gave away over $19,000 in financial aid scholarships to low-income families in Central Oregon in 2016/2017?

A donation of just $50 will help one child access essential childcare options all year, plus give them the opportunity to join a club, and attend courses that will teach them valuable life-skills. Together we can help our kids to find their spark and light the fire within.

Here's what your donations can do:

$50--Sends one child to a No-School Day Camp or one day of SummerKids

$250--One child can explore, sing and laugh outside at Tumalo Day Camp

$600--One child can make friends and discover at 3 weeks of SummerKids 

$2,000--Funds a full-week, service learning and social justice retreat for 10 teens

Please DONATE NOW and support us as we continue to promote positive youth development within our community. We continue striving to expand our reach and help more families, but in the end, we truly rely on the donations of individual community members who believe, as we do, that all young people should have the opportunity to find their spark and grow their skills, talents, abilities, and passions.

Will you consider making your donation a recurring one? It's simple to set up and offers essential, year-round support for our programs and development.

Amazon: Donating just got a whole lot easier! CLICK HERE to visit and pick Camp Fire Central Oregon as your charity of choice! We'll receive .5% from each purchase you make, which will go towards funding the awesome programs that you love in your community.