Camp Fire Clubs

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For boys & girls, ages 4 - 18

Camp Fire Clubs are small groups of youth of similar age that meet every week or two after school or on the weekends to exercise their creativity, volunteer in their community, explore the outdoors and meet new friends all while having fun together.


Clubs Teach Kids:

Full Color  Leadership, Life, and Social Skills

Full Color  Responsible Decision-Making

Full Color  Public Speaking thanks in part to our annual Candy Sale

Full Color  Goal-Setting

Full Color  Inclusion…everyone, regardless of their ability or background, is welcome in Camp Fire Clubs

Clubs are led by fully-trained adult volunteers and staff who utilize national program curriculum. Members earn emblems and awards for achieving their goals. Learn more about becoming a volunteer. It's a lot easier than you think - we promise! 



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Camp Fire Clubs below!

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Camp Fire Clubs

Camp Fire Club Price includes 2016-17 Camp Fire Membership, all emblems, beads, and basic supplies. 


Groups forming now for Elementary, Middle School and High School Clubs!

Here's a directory of current clubs available. If you do not see your school listed, you are welcome to register for a club at another school that is convenient to you.

Directory of Camp Fire Clubs:

Starflight Clubs (K-2nd Grade)

Meeting at Bear Creek

Meeting at Jewell

Meeting at Juniper

Meeting at Lava Ridge

Meeting at Ponderosa

Meeting at Silver Rail

Adventure Clubs (3rd - 5th Grade)

Meeting at Elk Meadow

Meeting at Ponderosa

Meeting at Lava Ridge

Adventure Clubs - STEM Beyond School (3rd - 5th Grade) Check out our Press Release about this very special opportunity! 

Meeting at Bear Creek

Meeting at Jewell

Meeting at Juniper

Meeting at Silver Rail

Teens in Action/Discovery/Horizon Clubs

Spoke's Club

Boomer's/Birthday Club

Crook County Middle School

There are five program levels:

Full Color  Little Stars: Pre-school (4 and 5 year olds)

Full Color  Starflight: grades K-2

Full Color  Adventure: grades 3-5

Full Color  Discovery: grades 6-8

Full Color  Horizon: grades 9-12


Clubs explore 5 trails:

Full Color  Trail to Knowing Me: Helps children learn relationship and communication skills and focuses on increasing self-knowledge.

Full Color  Trail to the Environment: Helps youth understand and appreciate the natural world by providing activities on nature, environmental awareness and geography.

Full Color  Trail to Creativity: Stimulates creativity and imagination through activities that involve visual arts, performing arts and creative writing.

Full Color  Trail to Family & Community: Works to strengthen each child’s place in the family and community and focuses on leadership, service-learning projects and citizenship.

Full Color  Trail to the Future: Contains activities designed to develop mental and physical skills. Focuses on subjects such as sports, science and cooking.