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Camp Safety – the do’s and don’ts that will keep your kids having fun!

We are so excited for July’s Tumalo Day Camp next week! Summer is a time for fun outdoor adventures and creativity, but as with all things, we must be prepared in order to truly enjoy ourselves, otherwise, a fun day of outdoor learning can turn into a real bummer…









It may be hard to believe, but even a few moments of wearing open-toe shoes at camp can end up with some pretty painful consequences! That’s why we have a strict closed-toe shoe policy. As fun as it is to wear sandals, it’s much more fun to make it through an entire day without accidentally stabbing your toe with a stick (which is what happened to one of our Camp Fire staff in the picture above).

So, in the interest of having fun and enjoying the outdoors in the safest way possible, here are a few of the things you should keep in mind while preparing for Day Camp next week – or any camping trip for that matter! Make these simple rules a habit and you will be sure to have a lifetime of safe, enjoyable outdoor experiences.

  • Closed-toed shoes – Only closed-toed show are allowed at camp. Tennis shoes, hiking shoes, and sandals WITH toe coverings are all acceptable. (Believe us, stubbed toes are VERY common with open-toed shoes and it makes camp much less fun so we’ve made this one a must.)
  • Sunscreen – Please apply sunscreen at home before you arrive each day AND bring it with you to camp.
  • Long Pants – You can wear shorts, but EVERYONE must bring long pants with them every day. It is required to wear them when hiking. There are stinging nettles in the area and it’s no fun to be stuck with an itch all camp! If you forget to bring long pants, you will not be able to go on hikes with your group and will have to sit and wait with the Camp Director (no fun!).

We can’t wait to see you there!


Tumalo Day Camp Highlights – Thursday & Friday, oh my!

Once again, our awesome teen Camp Journalists (pictured below) have done it again! They’ve given us some really neat pictures, and the inside scoop at Tumalo Day Camp.  Thanks for all your hard work, guys! We really have enjoyed all the fun pictures and descriptions you’ve turned in to the office – you rock!


The awesome Camp Journalists at Tumalo Day Camp June, 2015










Day 4 – Thursday (Rainbow Day)

“Today at Camp Fire, campers were festively dressed for rainbow day. Counselors and CIT’s were helping 4th through 7th graders set up their tents for the overnighter. At the overnighter, the CIT’s will hold a show for all the other campers, and the laughs are endless! The kids will be taught camping techniques, such as cooking, building a fire and more.” 




















Day 5 – Friday!

“CIT Leadership group works together to solve group challenges. Water was a hot commodity on this very hot Friday. A refreshing way to end an awesome week at camp! And of course, each group got to act out a silly skit for their fellow campers.” 






Tumalo Day Camp Highlights – Fairy Tales 6/24

The kids had another wonderful day at Tumalo Day Camp! The camp theme was Fairy Tales, and there was truly magic in the air! Below are two first hand accounts from our teen Camp Journalists…

Camp Log, Camp Journalist 1:

“The third day of Tumalo Day Camp was Fairy-tale-themed and the campers were festively dressed in wonderful costumes as they learned how to make fire starters, were taught pocket knife safety, and planned their lunches for the upcoming camp out.”

Camp Log, Camp Journalist 2:

Today is the 3rd day of camp and the theme is Fairy Tales. We visited a group of kids making fire starters. This easy way is fun to make fire… and free! They used wax, dryer lint, and egg cartons and guess what? It works better than the store bought starters!