Camp Fire Teens hold birthday parties for needy kids

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Raising funds to make birthday wishes come true

BEND, Ore. - Five middle school girls are making a big difference in the lives of some kids. Members of Camp Fire Central Oregon’s Teens In Action program were in downtown Bend Friday, raising money for a cause that may not have crossed your mind.

"We are throwing birthday parties for children in need who usually don't really get to have a birthday party," said 12-year-old Amelia Hartman-Warr.

The group wants kids in foster care, shelters and low-income situations to feel celebrated on their special day.

"It's sad that some kids don't get to have the joy of a birthday," said 12-year-old Kira Yun.

The girls are working hard to change that. They came up with the idea themselves.

The group plans and hosts its own fundraisers, with parents only stepping in when needed.

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About Mandy Butera

Mandy is a highly motivated individual who loves making a difference in the lives of others. She has a strong desire to participate in the community she lives in and help enrich the lives of children world wide. Mandy has a passion and belief that today’s youth are the future leaders of tomorrow. She has spent time in Africa helping children with cancer through the creation of nutritional programs and fundraising for hospital support. Mandy spent the past 20 years as a successful cosmetic executive with a record of driving sales in a multi-unit region through developing direct reports for future leadership, successful event planning and execution, problem solving and building strong relationships with sales partners. Mandy also holds a Health Coaching Certification and is a Registered Yoga Teacher. With her love of the outdoor life and all that the Bend area has to offer, you can often find her, her husband and Booker their English Bulldog running on the trails and floating on the river. Mandy will work closely with the organization's marketing team in the implementation of Camp Fire's marketing strategy, social media community building, outreach efforts, community partner relations and customer service