Camp Fire Clubs: Frequently Asked Questions

Clubs are small groups of youth led by trained adult volunteers. Clubs have regular meetings where young people and their families have an exciting opportunity to explore the world, be creative, participate in community service, and gain a sense of belonging while having fun. Clubs are open to all boys and girls, Preschool through 12th Grade. Volunteer leadership is the key component of Club Program. Without amazing leaders, our clubs could not exist.


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What are the outcomes of the program?

Program Outcomes
· Create positive adult role model
· Build Self Esteem
· Develop socialization skills

What are the qualities of the program?

Important qualities of the club program:

As the children get older, they do more complex and challenging activities.

The Club Program develops the whole child and includes a wide range of activities and skill development.

Both leaders and youth members are involved in making decisions for the club.

Camp Fire youth are recognized for their participation and achievement. This helps to build self-esteem and pride!

What are the “Five Trails” of the Club Program?

The Camp Fire Club program features opportunities for youth to learn skills in a variety of activities based on their interests. The program is organized around the five Camp Fire Trails:

Trail to Knowing Me
Helps children learn relationship and communication skills and focuses on increasing self-knowledge.

Trail to Family and Community
Works to strengthen each child’s place in the family and community and focuses on leadership, service-learning projects and citizenship.

Trail to Creativity
Stimulates creativity and imagination through activities that involve visual arts, performing arts and creative writing.

Trail to the Environment
Helps youth understand and appreciate the natural world by providing activities on nature, environmental awareness and geography.

Trail to The Future
Contains activities designed to develop mental and physical skills. Focuses on subjects such as sports, science and cooking.

Where and when do clubs meet?

Each club is different. They meet on a regular basis, arranged to fit the schedules of it’s members and leaders. Meetings may be held at a school, a leader’s home or in other community locations.

How much does it cost?

It costs $35 annually to be a member of Camp Fire. There is also an annual Club Membership Fee of $35. The total cost to be in a Camp Fire Club for the year is $70. Financial Aid is available in limited supply for anyone who qualifies for free or reduced lunch. Clubs will charge additional dues to cover the cost of running the club (anywhere from $2-10 per month). Clubs also participate in an annual Candy Sale fundraiser to help cover the cost of providing the club program.

At what age can youth join?

Camp Fire serves all boys and girls ages 3 through 12th Grade. Clubs are organized based on age:

Little Stars (3-pre-K)
Starflight (K-2nd Grade)
Adventure (3rd-5th Grade)
Discovery (6th-8th grade)
Horizon (9th-12th grade)

Are there Uniforms?

Yes, youth in clubs wear the following uniforms: 

Little Stars members
Wear a red sash. As they complete different projects they earn emblems to decorate their uniform.

Starflight clubs
Wear a red vest and earn emblems.

Adventure Clubs
Wear a blue vest, earn beads and emblems.

Discovery and Horizon Youth
Design their own ceremonial costume to display all their awards and wear on special occasions. They usually pick their own uniform of a Camp Fire Shirt and jeans or khaki pants to wear for regular meetings.

How do I join or volunteer?

To register for the Club Program, click here.  To find out if a club is available in your area, please fill out the New Club Registration Form and your Club Administrator will try to match you up with a club. Clubs are all led by adult volunteers who have been through our screening and training process. Without volunteers there are no clubs. Click here to apply to be a club leader. If there is no club for you to join, the Club Administrator may suggest that you or someone you know form a club and become a leader.