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Press Release: Camp Fire Central Oregon STEM Beyond School Project

Camp Fire Central Oregon and High Desert Museum selected as one of the Central Oregon STEM Beyond School Project sites.

STEM offers science, technology, engineering and math programming for underserved youth. 

Bend, Ore Camp Fire Central Oregon, a local organization that provides co-ed programs for our youth to find their spark and ensure they gain the skills necessary to thrive throughout their lives and the High Desert Museum have been selected by the Central Oregon STEM Hub to create STEM learning opportunities in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson Counties.

In today’s rapidly changing world, all youth deserve the opportunity to participate in engaging, interactive and fun experiences related to science, technology, engineering and math, also known as STEM. The STEM Beyond School Statewide project (SBS) seeks to increase after school hours STEM programming for underserved youth by cultivating a vibrant and engaged collaborative network. Led by OSU Extension Service and Portland Metro STEM Partnership, and in partnership with the Central Oregon STEM Hub, together, they work to expand existing STEM programming and grow new STEM learning opportunities outside traditional school settings. Program sites of the SBS project are formed as part of a Community of Practice, where they will share curricular resources, receive coaching and professional development, and support project assessment and evaluation efforts to demonstrate the importance of STEM learning in non-traditional learning environments.

Oregon’s high school graduation rate of 69% ranks 49th nationally (National Center for Education Statistics). In the Bend-La Pine School District, economically disadvantaged students have a graduation rate of 68%. These students are unprepared for 21st century jobs, leaving an achievement gap that perpetuates a cycle of poverty. These students need high-quality STEM learning opportunities. Informal learning experiences are vital to achieving this goal. Studies complied by the Children, Youth and Environments Center for Community Engagement found that students who were engaged in informal learning in nature or at museums had higher standardized test scores in science, reading and writing; improved overall academic performance; increased pride in their accomplishments; and more advanced critical thinking skills. Many underserved students are not receiving these opportunities.

Together Camp Fire Central Oregon and the High Desert Museum will receive $28,000 to create STEM learning opportunities for a targeted group of 30+ students and will collaborate with the Central Oregon STEM Hub and other regional partners to implement the STEM Beyond School program in the Central Oregon region.

“Through the partnership with Camp Fire Central Oregon, we will engage students in activities from four established after-school clubs in some of the most economically disadvantaged schools in the region,” said Christina Cid, Director of Programs at the High Desert Museum.“ We will serve fourth and fifth grade students at Title I schools in Central Oregon, including Bear Creek, R.E. Jewell, Juniper, and Silver Rail,” said Cid.

The program will be divided between after school programs offered on school grounds and no-school day camps that will be located at several sites in Central Oregon, including the High Desert Museum.

“Camp Fire has been providing educational opportunities to underserved students in Central Oregon for 100 years,” say Kecia Kubota, Executive Director for Camp Fire Central Oregon. “Currently, we have more than ten established after-school clubs and through this program, participating students will gain vital STEM skills, explore STEM careers, and develop confidence and leadership skills,” says Kubota.



About Camp Fire Central Oregon

Founded in 1910, the national organization Camp Fire has actively engaged youth and teens in building essential skills for life. Camp Fire Central Oregon has been a co-ed youth development organization since 1975 that provides out-of-school time, teen service and leadership, camp and environmental programs. Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.


About the High Desert Museum

Through exhibits, wildlife and living history, the High Desert Museum creates learning experiences to help audiences discover their connection to the past, their role in the present and their responsibility to the future. The Museum is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that was founded in 1982.


Camp Fire member Camille and her mentor Cece featured in PSA

Life-long Camp Fire member Camille and adult mentor Cece were featured in a Better Together PSA.

In second grade, Camille was a very shy girl—some might say painfully shy—but she had to attend Camp Fire’s SummerKids program while her parents worked full-time. Over the years, with support from Camp Fire’s caring adult mentors, she blossomed into a confident young woman, eventually earning her WoHeLo, working full-time during the summers at SummerKids and helping to design the activities the kids enjoy! Now a freshman in college, Camille’s experiences with Camp Fire helped her find her spark and have shaped her future in amazing ways.

New & Improved Online Registration System – Hooray!

ucsales_logoWe are thrilled to announce that we have switched to UltraCamp, a new online registration system that is vastly superior to the various systems that we have used in the last few years. We expect it to simplify and speed up the process of registering for our events and programs throughout the year!

Highlights of the new system

  • Membership and event registration all in one place
  • Profiles for every family member with saved profiles including health information, emergency contacts, authorized pickups, etc.
  • Reservation History
  • Financial History (great snapshot when preparing your taxes)
  • Easily update/modify program reservations yourself (before modification cutoff date)
  • Make additional payments and create recurring payment plans (on programs where deposit only is allowable)
  • Pay by credit/debit card or eCheck without switching to PayPal
  • No automatic annual renewals (we have canceled all automatic Membership subscription renewals through PayPal). 

Accounts have already been created

To make the transition easier, we went to great lengths to create accounts and import profile information for all families that participated in our programs over the last two years.

Steps to create a password and access the new system:

  1. Go to the UltraCamp Login Page.
  2. Click on the “Forgot your login information?” link.
  3. Then select “I need to reset my password.”
  4. Next, enter the e-mail address for the primary contact that made reservations in the past. If you are not sure which email you used, you can certainly try one and the system will tell you if it does not recognize it! Or, feel free to email us and we will let you know which one you used!
  5. The system will then send you an email to reset your password.

Changes to Membership

Another change with the new system is how we are tracking Camp Fire Membership. Membership is now based on a season, which runs from September 1 – August 31. We are still offering the great deal of a Little Spark Membership for families with just one child participating in Camp Fire programs, and a Big Spark Membership for families with two or more kids. 

Many families just paid membership/registration fees in March when registering for our summer programs. If you aren’t going to be participating in any other programs before next Summer, you can wait to pay it in the Spring, however here are some great reasons why we would love for you to go ahead and renew your membership now:

  • Save Money! – To encourage you to take advantage of all of the benefits of membership throughout the year, we are offering a discounted price on memberships now through November 30th.
Before November 30th After November 30th

Little Spark Membership

Only $35!


Big Spark Membership Only $70!


  • Get Discounts! – We have an exciting calendar of No-School Day Camps planned and members automatically get $5 off every day.
  • Have Fun! – We also have some really great special events planned throughout the school year exclusively for Camp Fire members including group hikes, FREE Parents’ Night Out events, fun classes, and more.


Thank you for your patience as we improve our systems! As always, we value your feedback if we can make the experience easier or less confusing in any way, please email us!

Welcome Angela Morrill—Our New Marketing Director!

I am thrilled to be welcoming Angela Morrill to our team! Ever since I knew Kali Orton would be moving to Portland, I’ve been saying that she would be leaving behind some big shoes to fill. Well, I think we found just the right person to fill them! Angela moved to Bend about a year ago from Tacoma, Washington. She has a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies and has worked in marketing for several nonprofits in Tacoma.

Angela Morrill

Angela Morrill at our recent Middle School Scavenger Hunt!

As I hope you will soon discover for yourself, Angela has such a wonderfully friendly and outgoing personality that she will be making fantastic first impressions on behalf of Camp Fire out in the community! Please be sure to give her a warm welcome when you get the opportunity to meet her!

Welcome Casey Davis as SummerKids Camp Director

Camp Fire Central Oregon SummerKids Camp Director Casey Davis

Casey Davis—Hangin’ with a few buddies!

We are so pleased to welcome Casey Davis as our SummerKids Camp Director! In just a few short weeks, she has started to assemble a terrific team of counselors and CITs (Counselors in Training) and plan a fantastic summer full of fun. Originally from Michigan, Casey has spent many years in leadership positions at resident and day camps around the country. Working at camps and empowering youth is her passion!

When I asked Casey during her interview what her dream job would be, she said, “To be a Camp Director year round!” We are hoping that by the Fall we will be ready to take the next step to expand our programming so that we can keep her around for a very long time!

Camp Fire Central Oregon SummerKids Camp Director Casey Davis

When she’s not at camp, Casey loves to travel!