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For more than 100 years, Camp Fire Central Oregon has given youth a voice–support and inspiration that they might otherwise not have found. This is what fuels us: To provide experiences that help kids THRIVE today–to become tomorrow’s teachers, parents, thinkers...leaders.


What drives Camp Fire programs and philosophy is something far broader-reaching than just a fun day at camp. We are part of a national, inclusive organization intentionally committed to using research-based methods to help kids grow, understand themselves, acquire life skills and SUCCEED in life no matter what their passion or path: Thrive{ology}, our growth mindset approach, strives to create the optimal environment for youth to be nurtured by caring adults...“Thrive Champions”.

Sparks + 3 Champions = Thriving

A Thrive Champion is a caring adult who recognizes and encourages youth's sparks. They guide and help youth gain self-understanding to expand their possibilities. A spark is a passion, an interest, or something we just really enjoy doing. Sparks inspire us to try new things, set goals, and reach new heights. Ideally, every youth should have at least three Champions. You could be one of them! Apply today.

 To apply, email cover letter and resumé to:


ASSISTANT DIRECTOR The assistant director will act as support for counselors and instructors while they carry out our camp activities based on Camp Fire National curricula and local creativity. The assistant
director will also write curricula, organize counselor meetings, serve as site supervisor, and
perform other administrative tasks. Learn more and apply

ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR: The activities coordinator will be the first line of support for instructors and counselors for planned activities and materials at Camp. This person will order, organize, and
distribute activity materials each day. They will serve as supervisor for our teenage counselors
in training, and periodically act as on site supervisor. Learn more and apply

INSTRUCTOR: Instructors are invaluable members of our staff who are role models, motivators, educators,
caregivers and spark champions. They will serve as a mentor to their partner counselor and may also supervise a teenage counselor in training as part of their group. Learn more and apply

COUNSELOR: Counselors will work alongside instructors and leadership staff to implement our curricula, based on Camp Fire National curriculum and local creativity. Counselors will have fun alongside campers by participating in, leading, and facilitating camper participation in all activities at camp. Learn more and apply


STEM Adventure Club Intern -  120 hrs

Camp Fire Central Oregon and High Desert Museum are teaming up to offer quality afterschool STEM programming to youth in 4th and 5th grade with support from STEM Beyond Schools initiative through the Oregon Department of Education.  This fun and innovative program is focused on learning and practicing creative engineering in response to the needs of our planet.  The program will have ample opportunity for guest speakers, field trips, and hands on activities as participants learn about nature and how humans interact with their environment.

Interns will assist in program delivery, lesson planning and preparation, and other tasks related to running an afterschool program.  This is a great opportunity to learn about engagement outside of the classroom, behavior management, and cultivating positive group dynamics.  This internship includes ~55 hours of direct delivery program time, plus ~20 hours of planning and training.  As part of this program, interns will also learn how to become a champion for younger kids.  S/he will play an essential role in helping kids in the program thrive by encouraging them to find their unique sparks, develop a growth mindset, and set and manage goals.  *Note: This internship is an unpaid, volunteer position.

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Teen Programs Intern - Outdoor Skills-  Cost of Living Stipend / 120 hours

Camp Fire Central Oregon strives to give young people the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to thrive throughout their lives and start making an impact on their community now.   

We are looking for a motivated, creative, and enthusiastic individual to bring their passion for environmental education and inspiring youth to our middle school Outing Club program.  The Outing Club meets every other week to give youth an opportunity to practice outdoor skills, learn about the natural world, and participate in the planning of at least 2 outings and 1 stewardship project.  With support from Camp Fire staff, the intern will act as a leader for the club and be responsible for creating curriculum, recruiting club members, and implementing age appropriate activities to promote teen involvement/engagement in nature, outdoor recreation, and stewardship.  The intern will also work on other partnership programs and special projects, including a multi-day trip over Spring Break. 

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We always need volunteers! Help us with everything from flyer distribution to mentoring teens or being a guest educator for one of our camps! Positions available for:

  • Tumalo Day Camp Counselor: Kids of counselors attend FREE.
  • Marketing materials distribution
  • Guest presenter/expert for day programs
  • Booth representative/advocate
  • Bookkeeping/customer service


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