2017 SummerKids Themes

2017 SummerKids Themes


A Day at SummerKids

Learning and fun come in many forms!

Each week of SummerKids, we will explore a different theme through movement activities, science investigations, music, arts and crafts, environmental awareness and our community, including special guest speakers and performances.

Here’s a list of our themes for Summer 2017. Are you ready? We are!



6/26-30: Animal Kingdom Odyssey

Would you rather be an alligator or an elephant? Take a trip through the animal kingdom as we learn about reptiles, amphibians, insects, sea creatures and mammals to understand the different classifications of animals and the habitats where they live.


7/3-7: (4 day) Action! Backstage, Special Effects and Soundmakers

Get backstage and on stage as we experience performance from all angles. Creating our own special effects during 4th of July week, we’ll explore making movie sounds, make our SummerKids costume kit, perform skits and build sets.


7/10 - 14: Mad Scientists

It’s time to get our lab coats on as we investigate everything science this week, including chemistry, experiments and kinetics.


7/17 - 21: Themed Crafts and Art Projects

This week is all about the arts! We’ll create and participate in a variety of arts and crafts, music explorations, painting, sculpting and songs.


7/24 - 28: Indestructible Energy

What is the energy cycle and how am I a part of it? From recycled art projects to plant dyes, we’ll see how the sun powers our plants and trees, and how we can help conserve the energy we use.


7/31 - 8/4: Fairy Tale Adventures

Let your imagination soar in this week of page-turning fun. Through storytelling and play, we’ll share myths and legends, learn about mystical creatures and grow our own beanstalks!


8/7 - 8/11: Prehistoric Planet

Join us on a treasure hunt for clues about our planet’s past, through learning about geology and fossils, volcanoes, dinosaurs and the Ice Age.


8/14 - 18: Space Explorer Week

Launch all things astronomical in this week of camp, including preparing forwatching the solar eclipse with our own eclipse glasses, wormhole wandering, constellation crafts and gravity games.